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X 30 Fit Boot Camp is a Fat Loss and Functional Fitness Facility.

We base our Boot Camp off of the Tranzformation method which has been extremely successful in achieving real results. We're not here to sell you a membership, access to training equipment, or even personal training. We're simply here to help you achieve real, functional fitness and fat loss results. We exist to get you results— in fact, we guarantee you'll get results with our 100% money back guarantee. We promise that the X 30 Fit  Boot Camp Training will get you the body with a tighter waist, toned arms, and leaner legs.*

Find out what you can expect from X 30 Fit Boot Camp!

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We believe in being open and honest. As such, X 30 Fit Bootcamp has made every effort to provide accurate information. However, we do not guarantee any specific results from our program, as results may vary based on the time, effort and commitment that you invest into a fitness program.

Victoria's GOAL:  gain strength and Energy

After watching countless friends sign up for boot camp I finally took the plunge and joined a 28 day challenge March 2 2015. One week in and I was addicted to the fast, fun pace of the workouts. A year later I have lost 35 lbs and 42.5 inches of fat. I look better and I feel great. The instructors are all in and offer tips, tricks and lots of motivation. The 30 minute workout is easy to sneak in am or pm and the nutritional guidance has been the key to getting my body and energy back.*


Dan's Story: Lost 60 Pounds

At 299 pounds, Dan Van Dined stepped on the scale and made the decision to change his body. He knew that he needed to do something and that's when he found a group fitness boot camp class. “I knew I had let myself go way too much,” he says. Little did he know that it would not only change his body, but it would also change his career path.

“I dropped about 60 pounds and went from 39% body fat to 24%. But the “amazing” thing for Dan was the “community and culture” he found while working out with others in a group boot camp.*

Miranda's GOAL: Lose a Few inches & Tone

"I have always been naturally thin so I could never relate to those people who had "skinny jeans". Now in my late 20's, I've realized my metabolism is slowing down and staying the same size is not something that comes naturally anymore. I now understand what it is to have "skinny jeans" and it was not a good feeling for me.

I joined Bootcamp not because I needed to lose a ton of weight but I definitely wanted to shed a few inches and feel better overall. I was nervous to commit to working out because everything else I have done in the past, whether it was working out with friends at the gym or trying at home videos never created a real routine. I joined a 4 week challenge and  after just 1 week of working out, I was sold. I couldn't believe the difference I saw in my body in such a short amount of time. In week 2 I could feel myself getting stronger and I was actually able to have more control with some of the work outs I struggled with in the first week, now I was addicted. I love that each day at Bootcamp is different and I loved the energy and motivation you get from your trainers. In the past it was a good week if I were to work out just once. During the 4 week challenge I was excited to go 4 times a week!

Bootcamp makes working out so much fun. Group personal training has changed my whole outlook on fitness. You don't have to struggle at the gym and worry about how to use the equipment or if you are doing the workouts the right way. Not to mention you get an amazing workout in only 30 minutes.  Before Bootcamp I was struggling to get into my summer clothes but after just 4 weeks, I was leaner and able to wear all of my summer outfits!"*


Kevin's Story: Lost 37 Pounds

"For the past 10 years, I have gone up and down with my weight. In April of 2016 I had reached my highest weight ever and I knew I needed to make a change. I had always done at-home workouts, but these workouts were beginning to bore me. I had to find something that would help me to not only lose weight, but also keep it off. I signed up for the 6 week boot camp challenge and lost 12 pounds, 19 inches, and dropped 2 pant sizes. I have lost 37 pounds and countless inches over the past 4 months, and I have never felt better. The fun and fast-paced workouts have kept me engaged and I have gotten me addicted to getting up every morning to go to boot camp. The team and community environment keep you accountable and make you feel like you’re part of their family. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make a change and wants to start feeling and looking better."*

GREAT NEWS! Due To Extremely High Demand I'm Launching Another 4-Week Transformation Challenge Built To Help You Burn Fat And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!
See for yourself how fun and convenient our Afterburn Workouts are – you’ll feel right away how it challenges, rejuvenates, and tightens your body! See you at X 30 Fit Bootcamp! Registration Is Now Open For Our Famous Challenge Starting Monday, February 13th.
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