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My name is Eric Thompson. I'm  was born and raised right here in our backyard of  Bradenton , Florida.
I attended and graduated from Southeast High School where I participated in track & field as well as football. Football was my passion and in  my senior year, I received an athletic scholarship to Youngstown State University( Yes in Ohio) ! Yes I had to endure the cold and snow but I played football for four years and earned 4 Varsity letters all well maintaining my scholastic studies. Originally my field was in the health sciences department but it wasn't my true passion so I changed my focus to Health and wellness/coaching specific training & rehabilitation. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Exercise Science in May 2018
Since then I have been  working in the fitness field and studying for my Personal Training Certificate .I am also excited to announce I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my son Elijah Thompson( future football star!) who is due early October 2018! I am extremely excited to be a father!!!!!! I can't wait to share this experience with you!!!
I look forward to helping everyone at X30 Fit achieve their goals and I look forward to being a part of the X30 Fit Family!



Hi! My name is Crystal Schider. I am originally from Wisconsin, but I have lived several places inside the US as well as outside of the country. Fitness was a focal point early on in my life, and I also played various sports growing up. Fitness made me feel alive, and I always looked forward to my next workout. To this day, fitness invigorates my body and allows me to feel and think clearly. Fitness has given me direction in my life, and in turn I am able to pass on knowledge to others to help them live a more healthy and enriched life.

At an early age, fitness and the arts both peaked my interest and even though I have attained a bachelor’s of music from CCPA in Chicago, I still remained active with fitness. I went on to receive my Certified Group Fitness in 2012 from AFPA, and in 2013 I received my Certified Personal Trainer Certification.  I have also studied and received several other fitness certifications because I believe in continuing education and growth. I feel I am a teacher and a lifelong student of fitness and healthy lifestyles. From being a music teacher, to group fitness classes and personal training sessions, teaching and instructing in one form or another has always been prominent in my life.

I am very excited to be joining the X30FIT Team! I love the family feel, and I like that every day the sessions are never the same. I believe in inspiring and motivating individuals to work harder today for a better today and a different tomorrow. Success and actions are inseparable. I am honored and thrilled to begin this journey with you!

KREED MAUSSER- Fitness Trainer/Coach

Hi my name is Kreed Mausser
In 2014  I moved down to Florida from New York. I’ve always been an athlete- and I played football throughout high school. When one of my teammates tore his ACL- I began doing research on his injury and ways to help him recover. This sparked my interest in injury prevention, recovery, and fitness in general. I really can say that I am passionate about fitness and love what I do.
I love anything that has to do with fitness- from Football, to weightlifting, to obstacle course races to Yoga. I believe trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone is what makes you a well-rounded athlete and person.. 
Speaking of motivation-My biggest motivation is my daughter. She inspires me to work hard.
I believe that X30 Fit is the place for me. I have my personal training certification though PTA global .  I love helping people get the results they work hard for by helping to push them to their fullest. I am excited to meet everyone and be a part of the X30 Fit and Fit 4 Life family!

Jordan Grimsley- Fitness Trainer/Coach



My name is Jordan Grimsley! I grew up in Bradenton, Florida.

I fell in love and played ice hockey from a young age. At the age of 8, I knew my dream was to play college hockey and I worked hard to excel in the team sport.

I was accepted into Suny Canton College and played hockey all 4 years. I initially wanted to pursue a career in criminal justice but later changed career paths. It was my passion for fitness and sports that changed my direction. I am proud to say I graduated with an Exercise in Science degree.

After college I followed my heart and dreams and played minor pro hockey for a short period. I decided that what I really wanted to do was help people with fitness and nutrition.

I love the energy of HIIT in group settings. I cannot wait to meet you and work with you to reach all your goals. No matter what they are- lose fat, get fit, and have fun!!!!


My name is Luke Carman.

I moved to Florida in 2017 looking for a change and some warmer weather.

I was born and raised in the midwest where Iowa was my home for 27 years.

I have had the opportunity to explore different career paths and chose to be in the health and fitness industry.

I am very relationship driven and I enjoy helping people reach their goals which lead me to becoming a personal trainer.

I attended the University of Northern Iowa where I majored in exercise science and hold a certificate through ACE, the American Council of Exercise.

I enjoy sports, music, singing, dancing, and a good sense of humor.

I look forward to being involved in the X30Fit Family!!


LUKE Carman- fitness trainer/coach

Cecelia prieto - admin

Cecelia or more affectionately known as Cece has been in Florida for over 16 years and loves the Sarasota area. She became more passionate about fitness than ever before because of X 30 Fit. "It feels like my family got WAY bigger and I love that!" says Cece, "It motivates me to be a better me with the way our trainers help us through every workout. Their dedication to the clients inspired me to want to be a part of the team".

CeCe finds X30 fit rewarding and addictive. “I am able to witness first hand clients achieving what they think they couldn’t. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone achieve their goals! For them, it can be life changing – for me, I want to be part of their journey in helping them get there!”

CeCe went to school in the Sarasota-Venice area and brings a lot of customer service and  knowledge to the center. Her strive for excellence and a presence in the community really shows through. Cecelia is the glue that keeps X30 running smoothly.

She has two sisters and a very outgoing family. She says her families outgoing personalities developed her into the person she is today. "I look forward to bringing my excitement and my smarts to the X 30 Fit Family!".

Contact her at X 30 Fit Bootcamp, 5140 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida, ispr@x30fit.com, (941)932-4440, or on facebook.com/x30fit


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