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Jamie McGraw- Fitness Trainer/Coach


Hi my name is Jamie. I grew up in New York  playing basketball and baseball in my high school years.  I went through the motions of the gym but I really wanted size like my football friends so I started working out outside of school and fell in love with the results. I have been hooked on health and fitness ever since!!  I have been a fitness model since age 18 and always had a passion for fitness, nutrition and health. I went on to study exercise science at U of W.Florida in Pensacola, where I kept my mind on gaining more muscle, staying consistent and then I felt the urge to start competing. I moved to the SRQ area in 2016. At 22 I felt it was time to get my feet wet, so I  stepped on stage for my 1st bodybuilding show and placed 2nd and qualified for Nationals! Nutrition and fitness has completely shaped by life and I am so happy to be able to pass it on and help others change their lives and be transformed into a fitter healthier person!  At x30 I am given the chance to do that and my goal is to learn everything I can about our X30Fit Family and I am excited to help all our Fit Fam work on and achieve their goals! I work with a very supportive team alongside our fun and driven bootcampers and the results simply speak for themselves. What I love most is coming in every day to see smiles, members running up to give their results of dropped body fat and and inches and showing progress photos!!! This is the biggest reward as a coach- RESULTS! There is simply no better feeling than helping others to get stronger, fitter and transform each and every day!

Contact him at  X 30 Fit Boot Camp, 5140 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida, Jamie.McGraw@x30fit.com, (941) 932-4440, or on facebook.com/x30fit


Kayla Clawson- Fitness Trainer/Coach

Hey y'all, I'm Kayla!

I grew up in Houston playing and coaching sports, mainly soccer, my whole life. I graduated from the University of Houston (Go Coogs!) with a degree in exercise science and nutrition.

After college, I went on to fulfill a life long dream of mine...I moved to Chicago! I like to say I was good luck for the Cubs in the World Series. Go Cubs Go! In Chicago, I became a boot camp instructor and absolutely loved it!

I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and I am also Precision Nutrition certified.
Fitness and Nutrition are huge parts of my life and it brings me pure joy being able to help others incorporate it into their lives anyway I can. To me, it's all about fun, working hard, setting goals, and seeing results. I can't wait to help change lives at X30!

Contact her at X 30 Fit Bootcamp, 5140 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida, Kayla.Clawson@x30fit.com, (941)932-4440, or on facebook.com/x30fit


Megan Hill- Fitness Trainer/Coach


Hi! My name is Megan Hill and I’m a transplant from Atlanta, Georgia where I lived for 29 years. I played Varsity basketball throughout high school until I was plagued with injuries — fast forward to discovering my love for fitness at the age of 17! I attended the National Personal Training Institute where I earned a certification of personal training and nutrition. I went on to own a personal training business in Georgia, called Hill Top Fitness, which specialized in functional and high intensity interval training. Education never ends, therefore I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. I am excited for the opportunity to join the X30FIT Fam and continue to grow an extended family among y’all! I’m looking forward to helping motivate, inspire, and encourage each of you on your fitness journey to achieving your goals! Let’s do this! 

Marvin Rodrigues- Fitness Trainer/Coach

Hey there fitfam! My name is Marvin. 
I was born and raised in California, where I spent 13 years of my childhood. There wasn't much room for growth as a family where we lived, so we headed off to Sarasota.
Throughout my high school experience, I saw my mother suffer from numerous health issues. After graduating from Sarasota High School, my passion for fitness and nutrition began.
I joined the military after high school for a career in exercise and nutrition. I then completed my certification at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. It was shocking to realize that the majority of my mother’s pain could have been avoided with functional fitness and simple dietary recommendations. With my experience in the military I developed the mental discipline and self-confidence to achieve my personal fitness goals and to help others on their own journeys to health. 
Standing alongside individuals who have chosen to transform their lives is a profound gift. The stars aligned when I was presented with the opportunity to come and become part of something extraordinary at X30. I am honored to be surrounded with such a compassionate family that continues to grow, learn, and inspire. 


Gregg Hudak- Fitness Trainer/coach


Greetings X30 FitFam! My name is Gregg Hudak.  As a native of Rockville, MD and proud graduate of the great University of Maryland (Fear The Turtle!), my family (wife Karen and three daughters) and I have lived Sarasota for the past 11 years.  Prior to settling in our beautiful city, I had the honor of serving our great country for 22 years and retired as a naval officer in 2007 (just in case you hear some refer to me as Commander, you’ll now know why!).  While in the Navy, fitness was made a priority and truthfully, after retiring from the Navy, I personally let that priority slip and it showed both externally and internally.  With a nudge from a friend, support from my wife and an introduction to X30FIT back in 2015, my commitment to health and fitness is now cemented in my daily living activities!   As an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, my goals at X30FIT are two-fold…help you achieve your fitness goals and in turn, have a fun experience in doing so!  As a student of X30FIT, I can attest first-hand that the results that come from our classes are truly UNBEATABLE!  

Cecelia prieto - admin

Cecelia or more affectionately known as Cece has been in Florida for over 16 years and loves the Sarasota area. She became more passionate about fitness than ever before because of X 30 Fit. "It feels like my family got WAY bigger and I love that!" says Cece, "It motivates me to be a better me with the way our trainers help us through every workout. Their dedication to the clients inspired me to want to be a part of the team".

CeCe finds X30 fit rewarding and addictive. “I am able to witness first hand clients achieving what they think they couldn’t. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone achieve their goals! For them, it can be life changing – for me, I want to be part of their journey in helping them get there!”

CeCe went to school in the Sarasota-Venice area and brings a lot of customer service and  knowledge to the center. Her strive for excellence and a presence in the community really shows through. Cecelia is the glue that keeps X30 running smoothly.

She has two sisters and a very outgoing family. She says her families outgoing personalities developed her into the person she is today. "I look forward to bringing my excitement and my smarts to the X 30 Fit Family!".

Contact her at X 30 Fit Bootcamp, 5140 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida, ispr@x30fit.com, (941)932-4440, or on facebook.com/x30fit


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